Lightning Cupcakes

Welcome to Lightning Cupcakes.

We are a gourmet cupcake & cake company
that whips up delicious treats for all occasions.

And our 5 Star desserts are taking over 
Portland one SWEET bite at a time.

Contact us for your event at:



You may also inquire about our published
wedding photography in
Grace Ormonde
Wedding Style Magazine.

View some of our portfolios at

Cupcake Photos by
ZenTodd on Facebook

A Portion of all of our proceeds are donated to the
Healing Hunter Foundation - 
which sweetly enhances the lives of
children touched by cancer.

"LOVE is the foundation for all things spectacular" - LD


  1. Lenore, they look great! Yum!

  2. A little piece of heaven...! Scrumptious cupcakes they are! Thanks Lenore :-)

  3. Natalie Bland -

    We thank you so much for the delicious cupcakes! They were an absolute hit. Everyone agreed that they were the best cupcakes they had ever had! :) Even our caterer came up and asked for your information, he loved them. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  4. Connie Kleck -

    Lenore, We can't thank you enough for the DELICIOUS cupcakes we all enjoyed. Everyone LOVED them. You and Lightening Cupcakes are a blessing.

  5. Nikki DeLong Atkinson-

    Your cupcakes are SO yummy!! Thanks for being part of Nat & Barretts's wedding. Love your cause too~

  6. Nycole Cantwell Ferguson -

    Amazing cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Aja Cooper -

    The Lightning Cupcakes were delicious. You got rave reviews! Thanks again Lenore! Appreciate you greatly!

  8. Nycole Ferguson -

    I am writing to say thank you for your recently delivered treats! Those cupcakes you shared are the best I have ever had! I used to think that Sprinkles was the best. I no longer think that! I have been passing the name around and telling people don’t waste time and try them.

    Thank you!!!

  9. Tera Torres -

    Just received another 'OMG those are the most incredible cupcakes ever, the best I've ever had!'... They speak for themselves!

  10. Tera Torres -

    Thank you Lightning Cupcakes for your delivery to the teachers and staff at Christ the King today... I heard they were awesome!!! Thank you so much for helping make our 'thank you' so awesome!

  11. Tam Driscoll -

    Thank you! The cupcakes were a hit and incredible!

  12. Emily Perry-Tresser

    You have set the bar high. Every time we get a cupcake somewhere else, Frankie takes a bite, then says..'Nahhh, not as moist as Lenore's".LOL!!! Frankie has tried to figure out how you do it. One day we were driving, and out of the blue she just says " I bet she bakes them with a pan of water underneath the cupcake pan"..I said, "What are you talking about?"...she said..Lightning Cupcakes.
    We may be driving out soon :))

  13. Kelli Zook

    After my fiancé ate the treats you sent home, it took some convincing for him to understand he couldn't just run to your"bakery" and buy some.He kept saying "Are you sure I can't just go buy some more?"

  14. Patty Ennis Weightman

    I had a Brand X cupcake at a party last night....poooey! Got the mad love for Lightning!!

  15. Kristen Davis I want to come over and partake in eating cupcakes morning, noon, and night!!

  16. tee hee...I had 6 dozen mini's scheduled to be dropped off at Ponzi Vineyards and Cooper Mountain Vineyards - just for fun - and one of our past customers called and said..."I just couldn't stand it any longer, I need to have some of your cupcakes". So off went 3 dozen to another addict!


    Lynette Thomas -

    I admit that I am the addict. They are they best cupcakes you will ever have.

  17. Kathy Perko

    They were delicious-of course. And you are wonderful! xo

  18. Crystal Edwards

    OMG, this totally made me crave one!

  19. Terri Montgomery

    I was there today. These cupcakes are AMAZING!!!

  20. Betty White Struble

    I wish we lived closer to each other because those cupcakes look yummy!!!

  21. Elizabeth Pellette

    wow.. like perfect cupcakes every time.. mine always look terrible..hahah

  22. Chrissy Rhyasen Smith

    Hmmmm looks amazing... you are good at what you do, that is for sure!!!

  23. Kristen Davis Man oh man I wish we lived near you guys... however I would probably be 20 pounds heavier from ordering and eating your cupcakes all the time : )

  24. Priya Sharma

    i miss those cupcakes...:(

  25. Katrina Roberg

    We loved the cupcakes!

  26. Naoko Kawaguchi

    Thank u for inviting us to your cupcake party. My son enjoyed your yummy cakes so much. Xoxo

  27. Kelli Zook

    Had a wonderful time sampling Lightning Cupcakes w/Julie Bitar Zook and Lenore Davis. I can't wait to place my order to benefit The Healing Hunter Foundation. Friends, Im telling you these are the best cupcakes ever and they benefit a great cause.

  28. Natalie DeLong Bland

    They are the best! We had them at our wedding last year! :)

  29. Tera Torres

    Was a great evening! Thank you for the always fabulous lightning cupcakes...all the ladies loved them!

  30. DeAnna Lawson

    yummy... I would be at your place every day to have one.. I am a sucker for

  31. Jen Arnold

    Of course Lighting Cupcakes were a hit at the DCH service.

  32. Lisa Weber -

    I have been ordering Lightning cupcakes for all special occasions from Lenore for the past year, they are as amazing this family is and I would challenge anyone to try one and not want more!